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Norfolk Educational Services



Norfolk Educational Services (NES) is a young, dynamic shared services organisation that specialises in providing non-teaching professional support services for education.

NES provides expert, customer and value-focused shared services to institutions within the TEN Group and organisations in the education sector allowing them to focus on teaching and learning.

The management team and staff are made up of experts in their field with many years experience working both in education and other sectors. As well as managing centralised teams for Human Resources, Finance and Estates, NES also has the remit of making joint purchasing decisions on behalf of all members, both for services like software as well as for large scale equipment or materials purchases.

NES Values

Norfolk Educational Services, our staff and the work that we do is underpinned by six core values.

1. Excellence

We are expert service providers, aiming to be the best that we can be in the provision of shared education support services; continually improving and driving up standards for ourselves and the TEN Group.

2. Customer-focused

We are responsive and proactive, understanding and anticipating need and focused on working in partnership with our customers, students & our colleagues.

3. Respect

We will seek to listen, understand and consult. We will not work in isolation. We act with integrity and respect. We take pride in our contribution to student success.

4. Group thinking

We are outward looking, promote the wider context and work to share best practice, achieve efficiencies and improvements for the Group.

5. Teamwork

We work as a team, taking responsibility, recognising achievement and sharing expertise.

6. Dependable

We are honest and dependable, providing a resilient, consistent and flexible service that copes with and anticipates demand.

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