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Norfolk Academies Delegation

The Norfolk Academies Board has created individual Academy Councils for its constituent academies along the following lines:-

Attleborough Academy Norfolk AC, Fakenham Academy Norfolk AC, Wayland Academy Norfolk/Wayland Junior Academy Watton AC (as a single board).  Norfolk Academies delegates to all its ACs the following powers and responsibilities:-

  • develop the curriculum and propose appropriate and stretching targets for an academy
  • monitor the academic performance of the academy through regular and appropriate reporting from academy managers to the AC, and holding managers to account for performance
  • advise the Board of Directors on the academic performance of an academy
  • recommend to the Board of Directors the strategic direction of an academy
  • monitor the budget of the academy and ensure that the requirements of the TEN Group Financial Regulations & Procedures are being adhered to by the academy, in particular that delegated budget expenditure is not exceeded
  • monitor the estate of the academy
  • advise the Board of Directors on the need for specific additional resources required to ensure the academy’s efficient operation
  • organise and hold meetings with parents and students following a permanent exclusion, or where the parents are entitled to ask for a meeting with Academy Council members in any other disciplinary situation
  • deal with parent complaints and appeals
  • maintain and develop relationships with the academy's stakeholders
  • ensure that the academy maintains a healthy and safe learning and working environment, and that safeguarding and health and safety policies are fully implemented
  • monitor the effectiveness and appropriateness of all academy policies
  • report to the Board of Directors on the activities undertaken by the AC through this scheme of delegation.

In addition, AC Members should visit the academy on a regular basis in order to improve their knowledge regarding the academy’s staff, needs, priorities, strengths and weaknesses and to monitor and assess the priorities as outlined in the development plan.