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The third in the series of TEN_X leadership debates finds the panel discussing how schools and colleges work with vulnerable people. Just what constitutes a "vulnerable" person changes from institution to institution and the interventions - or deliberate non-intervention - is the subject of much discussion.

The second in the series of TEN_X leadership debates finds the panel discussing the state of examination and assessment of students. After several, high profile problems with the marking and assessment systems and a general debate over the veracity and usefulness of our national system of judging student's worth; this debate gives the views of several well regarded and experienced educators - and gives thought to our future direction of travel.

The first in a series of leadership debates around education both in Norfolk and nationally. The initial debate focuses on the topic of selection and choices at 14 and what that means for young people.

Is the age of 14 the right age to be making choices about what you study and what your future might be based on those choices?

The panel for the inaugural debate consists of:

News videos

A report by Mustard TV on the search for a new Principal for the University Technical College Norfolk, opening in September 2014. TEN Group CEO, Dick Palmer, is interviewed about the type of person he's looking for to fill the role.

The UTC will open in September 2014 in a large former factory at Old Hall Road in Norwich.

Focused on advanced engineering, energy and manufacturing, the college’s board promises to offer “a brand new way of learning for 14 to 19-year-olds”.

A video report from the Association of Colleges (AoC)

When trail-blazing Dick Palmer and his team decided to look at cutting costs and improving quality by sharing back-office services with other institutions, he didn't think 'which areas should we start with', he just decided to go the whole hog straight away.

General Videos

Wishing you all the best for the festive season and looking forward to a great 2017 - from everyone at the Transforming Education in Norfolk Group

TEN Group is passionate about teaching and learning. This means that we are equally passionate about teacher development - honing teachers skills and introducing new elements to their teaching on order to enhance the learner experience. One of the best ways we have found to do this is to harness the range of extraordinary skills and experiences that our teachers have and share those with other teachers. Hence, the TeachMeets. TEN Group facilitates regular TeachMeets - teachers from different institutions and different disciplines getting together to share ideas and swap experiences.

Dick Palmer, Group Chief Executive Officer, addresses the UK Trade and Investment Education Summit in August 2012 on "Entrepreneurship as a strategic driver for change": how entrepreneurship is driving success within Further Education.

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