Norfolk Educational Services

One of the commitments of the TEN Group is to apply innovation at every level, not just in the classroom. An initial review of every aspect of their collective operations made it clear that by centralising some core activities, economies of scale could benefit all of us. A new company, Norfolk Educational Services, was set up to meet these needs.

We are a young, dynamic company that was formed to serve the organisational members of the TEN Group, a federation of educational institutions in Norfolk. Since our formation in 2012 we have succesfully delivered a fully rounded service to a number of Academies, a College of FE and HE, a University Technical College and a number of independent businesses operating within the educational sphere. Our management and staff have many years of experience  both within their individual specialisms and within educational service delivery. Our aim is excellence; excellence in provision, excellence in customer service, excellence in customer satisfaction.

As well as managing centralised teams for Human Resources, Finance and Estates, NES also has the remit of making joint purchasing decisions on behalf of all members, both for services like software as well as for large scale equipment or materials purchases.The services provided include:

  • Contract Services
  • Customer Services
  • Property Services
  • Employer Partnerships/Engagement
  • Finance
  • Health and Safety
  • Information Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • IT Services, including MIS and student data management
  • Library Services
  • New Media, Marketing & Communications
  • Project First – bid writing, project management and compliance
  • Student Administration – including objective IAG

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The efficiencies that are achieved come in a number of different areas:

  • The staff in NES are specialists, making it possible to reduce the resources that the smaller members of the Group need to spend training staff to undertake a variety of duties.
  • By maintaining specialist teams, it will be possible to ensure advances in systems and data handling can be incorporated quickly, ensuring the teams within NES are always operating at high standards of efficiency.
  • The purchases NES negotiates on behalf of the Group will be larger, making it possible to achieve a better price and greater savings for each member.

All surpluses created by NES are passed to the TEN Group which then distributes them amongst the educational member institutions. No profits are retained by NES nor the TEN Group and all surpluses are spent on the education and training of the people of Norfolk.