Strategy for Transforming Education in Norfolk

Strategy for Transforming Education in Norfolk

We have described our Vision as: Excellence in Education in Norfolk.

  • Excellence – We don’t simply aspire to excellence; we are not satisfied with comfortably improving. We want to be the best that we can be, in terms of the success and progression of our students and in the provision of our services. By continuing to raise our own standards we raise education standards for Norfolk.
  • Education – We are all about education. We are set up to allow our academic staff to focus on students and our support staff to focus on customer service, to provide an inclusive education to all within TEN Group, from ‘cradle to grave.’
  • Norfolk – We are based in Norfolk for Norfolk, providing a Norfolk solution to Norfolk educational challenges.

We have also established five Core Values. These values are evident in how we work. They underpin everything we do:

  • Excellence we want to be the best we can be; not comfortable with being comfortable; driving up standards; raising our game.
  • People centred – students, staff, parents, stakeholders.
  • Resilient – students, staff and federation that are resilient to change and challenges.
  • Future focused – students do not come to us just for what they get today in our individual organisations, they are here to prepare them for the next steps in their education, career or enterprise. We are therefore focused on tomorrow; focused on the positive long term outcomes and progression of our students rather than limited in vision to the remit of our individual organisations; driving aspiration for the future for our students, staff and stakeholders.
  • Collegiate – students, staff and partners have a sense of belonging, with shared ownership of values and aspirations and supported so that we don’t let a student, colleague or organisation partner fail. Collaborative working provides opportunities for progression across organisations (students and staff). Students can join or re-join at any point in their life journey. “More than the sum of the parts”

The core ambition in our Strategy is to raise aspirations. We wish to raise the aspirations not only of our students, but also of their families and wider communities. This means ensuring that our staff challenge and stretch our students, widening their horizons and providing information, advice and guidance as to their opportunities for progression after life at school.

We recognise the poor starting points of many of our students, often significantly below comparisons to national averages, and we will strive to remove the barriers to learning that have been built up prior to coming to a TEN institution – which may act both as a hindrance to ambition and as a disabler to success.

We will continue our drive to improve institutional performance, providing ambitious leadership and support through Group services and the provision made by Norfolk Educational Services.

We will develop our quality assurance and improvement frameworks to support our institutions’ drive for better performance, including the use of our Academy Improvement Partners who provide specialist, expert, external support.

We will ensure the monitoring of performance at student, institutional and group levels – these performance measures will reflect the Government’s set objectives and those of our own values.

We will ensure that our provision is fit for purpose, so that it both meets the national agenda set by the Government and also so that it supports the needs of our local and regional economies – providing opportunities for our young people to progress onto their chosen careers.

We aim to provide educational services which are high performing, locally accountable through strong governance and motivate and encourage our students to aim higher.

Our students will perform better, aim higher and reach their goals through attending a TEN institution.