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Matthew Parr-Burman - Principal, Fakenham Academy Norfolk

Matthew Parr-Burman - Principal, Fakenham Academy Norfolk

Matthew Parr-Burman took up his role as Headteacher of, then, Fakenham High School in April 2011.

Fakenham High School became an Academy as part of the TEN Group in October 2013 when his title changed to Principal, Fakenham Academy Norfolk. Prior to this post Matthew had been Headteacher at another school in Norfolk.

Matthew has a clear view of the way the Academy will move forward with student experience at the heart of all that goes on. This student-centred approach has been clear in all his roles at many different institutions; Fakenham is the seventh different school he has worked at in a career that has spanned 26 years and five different counties.

Matthew was educated in Cheshire and then at Huddersfield and Leeds Universities taking a degree in History before moving on to take his Post Graduate Certificate in Education. His MA in Education Management was completed in 1996 and he has taken a range of management roles which has involved being part of Senior Leadership Teams since 1998.

The School and Sixth Form College have a long tradition of success supporting students in the local area and with the change to Academy status we are moving into the next phase of our development. We will still serve local students but we have ambitions to be the best in Norfolk, then the best in the East of England and move on to be a World Class institution. The staff can deliver this and the students here deserve it. I want us to be completely and utterly outstanding in every single thing that we do.

The Academy has a strong programme of staff development and student experience is central to all that goes on.

We are looking to create an experience for students that ensures they look back on their time here with us as fundamental to who they are as people. We are helping to form young minds and we believe we can change young people for the better in a whole range of areas. Students who leave here need to be creative and adaptable to a rapidly changing world.

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