The Future

Education should always be a challenge; stretching our minds, raising our aspirations and pushing our capabilities. It is appropriate that we, the educational professionals, constantly strive to enhance the educational challenge and to be ever better at what we do. This is what the TEN Group is all about.

Our collective future will be to accelerate our progress down this path, developing new and innovative 21st century models of learning alongside installing the best of tried and tested traditional methodologies, so that we really do provide excellence in education in Norfolk. We are determined that our learning institutions become regarded as exemplars for their educational sectors.

By working in a collegiate manner, learning from each other, competing with one another and sharing our collective common goals we are committed to maximising the long term benefits which inter-phase (from primary to secondary on to further education and higher education) capability, experience and intelligence can bring to all of the member institutions.

In this context, the future is quite simple and clear: focus upon student success.

We want to raise educational standards through providing challenging and supportive learning environments which stimulate and inspire our students. We are passionate about placing the student at the centre of all that we do and ensuring that the Student Voice is a critical component of our decision-making process.

We want our students to be:

  • The best in Norfolk
  • The most successful in their chosen careers
  • Achieving the best academic and vocational outcomes
  • Taught by the best teachers
  • Learning in the best accommodation with the best equipment
  • Becoming the standard by which others will be measured

The TEN Group will not achieve these objectives by itself; we wish to work with others across the county, and indeed beyond. We hope that there will be others in the county of Norfolk who will wish to join us in this, our federated future. We hope that they will wish to work with us in different ways. We are committed to working with those who share our values and aspirations.

Please do talk to us if you believe that you, or your organisation, could help us achieve a better future for the people of Norfolk.