Current Initiatives

Strategy for Transforming Education in Norfolk

Strategy for Transforming Education in Norfolk

We have described our Vision as: Excellence in Education in Norfolk.

  • Excellence – We don’t simply aspire to excellence; we are not satisfied with comfortably improving. We want to be the best that we can be, in terms of the success and progression of our students and in the provision of our services. By continuing to raise our own standards we raise education standards for Norfolk.
  • Education – We are all about education. We are set up to allow our academic staff to focus on students and our support staff to focus on customer service, to provide an inclusive education to all within TEN Group, from ‘cradle to grave.’
  • Norfolk – We are based in Norfolk for Norfolk, providing a Norfolk solution to Norfolk educational challenges.

TEN Group brochure

The TEN Group is a federation of educational institutions in Norfolk, all committed to excellence in education.

At our core is a passion for making a positive and significant difference to our students’ lives. By working together, we are committed to providing greater opportunities for our students, as well as aiming high to achieve success both as a Group and as each individual organisation.


The TEN Group brochure is available for download from this page, simple access the link to the pdf file below.

Safe to work App

Welcome to Safe To Work the Norfolk Educational Services work placement App.

This is an iPad application designed to manage the collection of information for Health and Safety reviews of workplaces and student placements. This relates to work based learning, employer responsive courses , apprenticeships and any other situation where the process is reviewed or an assessment is needed.


Research Report - Curriculum Models of Enterprise in Secondary Schools

In recent years there has been significant growth in Enterprise Education in England and abroad stemming from educational directives to increase enterprise awareness in schools.
This has been accompanied by an increase in the number of educational providers bringing enterprise activities and curriculum enhancements into schools.

This research aims to explore: