TEN_X Debate #2 Examination and Assessment

The second in the series of TEN_X leadership debates finds the panel discussing the state of examination and assessment of students. After several, high profile problems with the marking and assessment systems and a general debate over the veracity and usefulness of our national system of judging student's worth; this debate gives the views of several well regarded and experienced educators - and gives thought to our future direction of travel.

There is an interesting discussion around the differences between public and private education and their attitudes and practices; there is also an over-arching feeling that the system is not delivering wat it should do for individual students and for educational institutions.

This is a debate that needs to be solidly addressed on a national stage - it is good to see TEN Group catalysing the discussion within (and about) Norfolk.

As previously, the panel tonight consists of:

  • Chair: Dick Palmer, Group CEO of Transforming Education in Norfolk Group
  • David Brunton, Principal of City Academy Norwich
  • Steffan Griffiths, Headteacher of the Norwich School
  • Corrienne Peasgood, Principal of City College Norwich
  • Jason Morrow, Headmaster of Norwich High School for Girls
  • Melvyn Roffe, Principal of Wymondham College