TEN X Debate #4 Education for Vulnerable People

The third in the series of TEN_X leadership debates finds the panel discussing how schools and colleges work with vulnerable people. Just what constitutes a "vulnerable" person changes from institution to institution and the interventions - or deliberate non-intervention - is the subject of much discussion.

TEN Group was very pleased to be able to get Lisa Christensen, then Director of Children's Services for Norfolk County Council, to join the debate. 

This is a debate that needs to be solidly addressed on a national stage - it is good to see TEN Group catalysing the discussion within (and about) Norfolk.

The panel tonight consists of:

  • Chair: Dick Palmer, Group CEO of Transforming Education in Norfolk Group
  • Lisa Christensen, Director of Children's Services, Norfolk County Council
  • David Brunton, Principal of City Academy Norwich
  • Michael Rose, Headteacher of Wayland Academy Norfolk
  • Steffan Griffiths, Headteacher of the Norwich School
  • Corrienne Peasgood, Principal of City College Norwich
  • Jason Morrow, Headmaster of Norwich High School for Girls
  • Melvyn Roffe, Principal of Wymondham College