Shared Services in the FE Sector: Federation of schools and colleges

A video report from the Association of Colleges (AoC)

When trail-blazing Dick Palmer and his team decided to look at cutting costs and improving quality by sharing back-office services with other institutions, he didn't think 'which areas should we start with', he just decided to go the whole hog straight away.

Dick, ex-Chief Executive of City College Norwich and now Group Chief Executive Officer of the Transforming Education In Norfolk (TEN) Group, worked closely with the teams from his own college, two Academies (City Academy Norwich and Wayland Academy Norfolk) and the (opening 2014)  Norfolk University Technical College to form a new, but wholly member-owned Shared Services company: Norfolk Educational Services (NES). This new company now providers all services for all partners that are not front-line teaching and learning.

So if you're interested in removing all of the non-core, non-teaching distractions from your curriculum staff, watch this interview with Dick to see what pitfalls await and how to overcome them.