Collegiate autonomy

We believe in doing things differently at TEN. We have adopted a system which is grounded in what we call ‘collegiate autonomy’, which means that while we take a joint approach to setting standards, policies and targets and share a sense of values, ethos and culture we simultaneously support the autonomy of individual member institutions to innovate on delivery and process. We believe this to be the best of both worlds.

Our aim is to enable the leaders of our teaching institutions to focus fully upon students, teaching and learning. To achieve this, we have reduced the proportion of their time that is spent on the time-consuming operational tasks of running an educational institution, for instance human resources, finance, ICT, procurement and insurance. These support activities are now carried out centrally by a new organisation within the Group: Norfolk Educational Services. We see the ability of educational leaders to be able to focus upon their primary task of leading learning as a critical component part of the Group’s philosophy of delivering excellent education.

This flexibility enables each institution to be shaped by its own unique circumstances. It will remain accountable to and responsible for the community that it serves, while the Group provides the supportive framework to enable growth.