New Anglia 100: One hundred reasons we can make a difference

The New Anglia 100 is coming and this exciting new movement – led not by government or established authorities, but by a coming together of like-minded innovators and leaders – has its sights set on making real, sustainable changes for education and learning in our region.  

In short, The New Anglia 100 is about bringing together 100 people, from all sections of the education, business and wider community, with 100 ideas for change.  We will then put in place the opportunities for these innovative projects to take root and make a real impact on education, learning and skills.

This ambitious project started its journey in earnest this week with an inspirational event at City Academy Norwich.  TEN Group and think tank The Education Foundation hosted a session where we got together with some of the key players locally, including New Anglia LEP partners and Chloe Smith MP, to discuss how we could unleash the potential for real change and innovation in education that is led from the grass-roots.  

This remarkable project is not happening in isolation.  It is one of a number of conversations around the future of education – under the banner Education Britain – that are taking shape around the country in association with the Education Foundation.  

TEN Group is proud to be involved from the beginning in this ground-breaking project and to be drawing on the inspiration and drive for locally-led innovation that is passionately advocated by Ian Fordham and Ty Goddard (Co-founders of The Education Foundation). 

Look out for lots more coming soon on this, as The New Anglia 100 gains momentum.  We will be inviting everyone with an interest in education and skills, from our own students through to local business leaders, to engage in 100 conversations around the issues that that matter in our area – and how to solve them.

We will then look to recruit 100 local game changers across education, business and entrepreneurship, to form the first New Anglia 100 group.  This dynamic grouping of individuals, bringing a multitude of perspectives, experience and ideas to the table, will then gather together in October, to generate 100 ideas for change.

With the Education Britain ethos and approach being what it is, I have no doubt that this will be a very different kind of education event, potentially with radically different outcomes and solutions, precisely because of the diversity of the members of The New Anglia 100.

But it won’t stop there.  Fundamental to the whole project is that we will launch an innovation fund to carry forward as many of these projects as possible: kick-starting  projects that bring about real and sustainable change on the ground, as well as allowing for existing projects that are working to be scaled up.

The New Anglia 100 is coming!  Watch this space for more and please do contact me directly if you would like to find out more and get involved.