Literally Norfolk

Norfolk has a great literary history but too many of its children are reaching secondary school age with poor (below national average) reading and writing skills. The TEN Group is spearheading a campaign (titled "Literally Norfolk") that aims to galvanise the community into action to reverse this trend and to see Norfolk children raising both literacy levels and literary interest across the county. The project will also encourage and facilitate family and community reading/writing as the norm.

There are three major themes for the campaign:

  1. Reading with children
  2. Making & sharing stories
  3. Books for every child

Reading with children focuses on companies, families and individuals across the county giving time to read with and to children.

Making and sharing stories focuses on children creating and sharing their own stories – with the help and encouragement of the community.

Books for every child focuses on companies, institutions and individuals donating and distributing books for children.

Each theme has a stretching target that we aim to reach (and surpass) between July 2015 and July 2016:

  1. Reading with children – 2,000 hours of reading
  2. Making & sharing stories – group events and publications
  3. Books for every child – 2,000 donated and distributed books

The TEN Group is currently forming a steering committee of committed influencers with whom they will work over the coming year to fulfill these targets and to raise the issue of children's literacy across the county - watch this space for regular updates and news of some of the exciting activities planned.