Being Norfolk

It is no mistake that we have put Norfolk at the heart of everything that we do. The TEN Group grew out of our commitment to the people of this region and we don’t need to look far to find evidence that Norfolk is a very special place to be. Our students prove this to us every day.

Our federation came together because we share this common context: Norfolk. We share a common purpose: serving Norfolk’s people. And we share a common goal: making Norfolk an even better place to live, learn and work. We are unashamedly proud of our heritage and recognise that it gives us an even deeper commitment to delivering for our county. Having this focus enables us to concentrate our resources and target our interventions to achieve very specific outcomes.

However, this does not mean we will be inward looking. While we deliver results to the people of Norfolk, the Group will seek to gain support and expertise from regional, national and international partners who share our commitment to educational excellence. Our horizons will heed no boundaries when serving our students’ success.