Matt J Bagley

Matt is a qualified mechanical engineer with over two decades of experience in many areas of engineering, including the motor-sport and oil & gas industries. Matt spent five years working as manager and key deliverer of STEM-Point Norfolk, a government backed education support organisation, and in 2006 he formed Camouflaged Learning, East Anglia’s premier provider of educational resources and projects.

Camouflaged Learning produces exciting educational experiences that inform, invigorate and inspire students on matters of science, engineering, enterprise, technology, maths, teamwork, communication, design, and much, much more. Critically however, the students who take part don’t realise that: all they see is that they’ve been tasked them to undertake a massive, seemingly impossible, real-world challenge that they cannot wait to be immersed in. And, while they’re focusing on that- secretly and without realising it- they’re learning. Camouflaged Learning believe that by encouraging students not just to emulate roles but actually become them, their experiences are more significant and become indelible by being real. The firmly believe in their experiential learning philosophy of learning through doing, and are passionate about ensuring multi-faceted, long-lasting, meaningful outcomes for every event delivered. With over 30 team members, Camouflaged Learning possess combined expertise of backgrounds in teaching, educational, training, science, engineering, technology research and public policy.

Matt and all the Camouflaged Learning team are excited by the concept of Transforming Education in Norfolk, and are deeply impressed by their methodologies and aspirations. They feel extremely proud to be able to play a part in helping TEN to achieve its goal of raising educational standards and improving the life chances of young people across our county.”